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My practice is informed by my experiences travelling through and growing up in major cities within Europe and Southeast Asia. New cultural immersions encourage me to question my place within these vastly rich and diverse societies and landscapes, as a stateless individual.

My work deals with the effect of transience, where often my relationships with people and places are so momentary that I often question whether they even happened. I am trying to pinpoint moments and feelings through my paintings, and create a kind of permanence to my experiences. Specific colours, objects and landmarks resonate with different experiences, and as opposed to a detailed memory, my work gives aims to give an impression and recreate a sensation.

Alongside notions of geographical movement, the work also engages with my own personal growth, reflecting an inner landscape. My paintings are often indicative of significant moments, be it a time I have felt great joy, or a sense of aloneness. More recently my practice acts as meditation and relief in wake of trauma.


I often stray from orthodox notions of self portraiture, characterising myself and my surroundings in a more illustrative style. I aim combine fantasy and reality to create a world at a tangent to my own. As much as my work speaks introspectively, I enjoy the duality of the work appearing as fictitious space and as an escape for myself and the viewer. 

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